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Inkbird Termometer

Digital termometer



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Product description

  • Fast Readout: The thermometer reads temperature readout within 4-7 seconds with the thin food grade stainless probe tip.
  • High Accuracy: The temperature accuracy is ±1°C from -20 to 200°C
  • Wide Temperature Range: The food thermometer could measure the temperature range of -50°C ~ 300°C,good for measuring food, liquids, pastes and semi-solid materials.
  • Portable carrying and hanging: Easily hold the thermometer with the friendly arc tail design. Easily storage with the space saving design (180 degree probe rotation) and the magnetic design on the back of the device could be adsorbed on steel material strongly.


  • Fast Readout within 4 - 7 seconds with an accurate temperature reading
  • Ultra-clear screen LCD display
  • Safety and cleanliness with the foldable probe design
  • Precise reading with the step-down probe design
  • Hold on the temperature reading before withdrawing the probe from the food.


Temperature Range: -50°C to 300°C
Dimensions: 6.69 x 1.43 x 0.63 inches/170 x 36.2 x 16mm
Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C from -20 to 200°C
Works for Meat, Grilling, BBQ, Oven, Candy, Liquid, Milk, Smoker, and so on.
Battery: 1 x AAA battery

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