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Grainfather Connect 30 - Bryggverk - Ölbryggning.se
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Grainfather Connect 

Grainfather Connect EU är ett bryggverk med kapacitet på 30 liter, integrerad pump och 2000 W värmeelement. Maltpipa och motströmskylare medföljer i förpackningen. 

Grainfather Connect har en avancerad kontroll med blåtand, så att du kan ansluta till din smartphone. (iOS och Android). Där kan du enkelt konfigurera bryggprocessen, man kan också importera XML-filer från exempelvis BeerSmith. 

Detta bryggverk är byggd för att brygga öl på krossad malt. Den är stor nog att rymma alla all-grain ölkit från olbryggning.se

Tekniska specifikationer:

  • Rostfritt stål 304
  • 30 liters brutto volym
  • Värmeelement: 2000W (används vid kok) samt ett 500W element som används under mäskning

Tillverkarens beskrivning:

PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output
Programmable step mashing
Delayed heating - fill your Grainfather with water the night before and wake up to your water at strike temperature ready for brewing straight away
Change between celsius and fahrenheit easily
Waterproof graphic display
Use in manual mode or with app
Grainfather Connect App

Grainfather Grain Kit recipes provided in the app
Ability to import recipes (Beer XML files) NOTE: iOS9 and higher
Set your own boil temperature (for different altitudes)
Change between celsius and fahreheit easily
Grainfather calculators provided in app
Required Specifications for the App

A 6 Watt, 1,800 RPM magnetic powered pump has been fitted to recirculate the wort through the grain bed for maximum brewing efficiencies. This is also used during the cooling stage to pump hot wort through the wort chiller. The pump also makes the cleaning process quick and easy by pumping the cleaning detergent through all the pipe work. The magnetic drive pump has been selected after rigorous testing of multiple pump styles to ensure it meets the tough demands required of continuous brewing. The pump is concealed by a stainless pump cover, which is easy to pop open, giving you direct access. A pump filter is fitted inside the Grainfather to prevent hops and stray grain from entering the pump or pipework, keeping the wort clear while also preventing any blockages. 

Grain Basket
A stainless steel expandable grain basket allows you to brew with anything from 4.5 – 9 kg of grain. The fitted perforated plates and telescopic pipework allow you to easily adjust the size of the grain basket to suit the size of grain bill. Fit the Micro Pipework (sold separately) for grain bills below 4.5 kg. When ready for sparging, a basket lifting handle is then inserted into the grain basket to lift it up, out of the wort. A 45 degree turn then allows the grain basket’s feet to rest on the specially designed support ring to allow the grain basket to drain while you can batch sparge over the top. A Sparge Water Heater can be purchased additionally to heat your water to the specific temperature required.

Counter Flow Wort Chiller
A counter flow wort chiller has two connection points. One side is connected to the Grainfather, while the other is connected to the cold tap water. The hot wort is then pumped through copper inner coil while the cold water is pumped through the outer in the opposite direction, providing instant cooling and heat exchange. The cooled wort can then be pumped directly into your clean, sterile fermenter. This reduces the chance of contamination as nothing is inserted in the wort, and it is only passing through the wort chiller one single time, going straight to the sterile fermenter where the yeast is added. 23 L of wort can be cooled in as little as 20 minutes. The cooled wort temperature will be cooled to approximately 5 degrees above whatever your tap water temperature is.


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