2 liters Growler MK2, isolerad, i rostfritt stål 2 liters Growler MK2, isolerad, i rostfritt stål 2 liters Growler MK2, isolerad, i rostfritt stål 2 liters Growler MK2, isolerad, i rostfritt stål

2 liters Growler MK2

isolerad, i rostfritt stål


En riktigt smidig growler. Finns även med tapplösning.

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- 304 Stainless Steel
- Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
- Sprung wire lid
- Optional tapping head sold separately (KL04299 - Growler Drafto Kit)


This system doesn't include the regulator, growler or 16gram bulbs. These can be purchase separately with the links below and you can turn this growler into a portable keg system:
Growler Tapping Head
16gram disposable bulbs
Mini Regulator Charger or All in one mini regulated co2 Charger


New improved MK2 Model with New Lid Design.  This new MK2 model is more robust and more reliable than the previous growler design.

These are also compatible with the Drafto kit that we sell.

This Growler is made from 304 Stainless Steel that is completely impervious to oxygen and sunlight (UV) meaning your precious amber liquid is in the absolute best storage container possible.

Unlike other growlers this growler comes with double wall vacuum insulation to give you insulation like no other growler. So forget taking the esky this baby will stay cold for hours.

Most screw top growlers struggle to hold the pressure required to keep beer fresh and carbonated. Our Ultimate Growler comes with a spring wired lid capable of holding up to 40psi.  Wire sprung lids also have the added advantage that they act like a pressure release valve preventing damage to the growler.  So if the pressure gets too high in the growler (ie. the product starts fermenting again) then the lid will pop up, release pressure then re-seal.

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Volum 2 liter

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