118L Kegmenter Kegland 118L Kegmenter Kegland 118L Kegmenter Kegland 118L Kegmenter Kegland

118L Kegmenter with 4inch Flat Lid , Air

Unitank i rostfritt stål


 En riktig bjässe till exempel för jäsning under tryck.

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Kegmenter tillverkad i 304 rostfritt stål.

These 118L stainless steel vessels are designed just like a keg but with a large 10cm(4inch)

tri-clover opening at the top so you can easily get inside the keg to clean it out and two useful 2inch

ports at the bottom for elements, valves etc.

Unlike most other stainless steel fermenters this kegmenter has various lid options. The included

Flat Stainless Lid with pre-drilled hole(PART:KL06163), EPDM seal(PART:KL04602) and 4inch

clamp(PART:KL0596) can be used with an airlock for non-pressure applications. We do however

sell several different lid options to suit other applications such as:


Ball Lock Post Lid - With Silicon Floating Dip Tube (PART: KL05890)



This lid is great for pressurised fermentations or will even allow you to even use the kegmenter as a

keg if you wanted to.


4inch to 2inch Concentric Reducer(PART:KL06156)



This cone will attach to the top of the Kegmenter an`d allow you to attach one of the Alcoengine

Reflux or Pot Stills to this unit. Using a stainless element or other heat source the Kegmenter can be

quicly turned into a boiler.


Flat Stainless 4inch End Cap (PART:KL04589)



This stainless steel end cap can be used to simply block off /cap the lid. The lids are also popular to

be modified with other welded fittings that you can attach.


Stainless Steel 2 inch Tri-Clover 3600watt Element (PART:KL17770) that will fit into one of the



2inch port at the base and you can convert this unit into a boiler for distillation or make this into an

innoculation vessel.

The Kegmenter can hold 3.5bar which makes it possible to carbonate and ferment in the same


The Kegmenter as

Being able to hold pressure also means you can push the beer out of the fermenter directly through

a filter or even dispence directly from fermenter to draft beer tap if you wanted to.

The posts on the lid of the kegmenter are recesses below the level of the chimes so the kegmenters

can be stacked. The interlocking chimes means the kegs can be safely stacked up to 4 high.




Height, without airlock: 1041mm
Width: 408mm
Maximum Working Pressure: 3.5 BAR
Test Pressure: 5 BAR
Wall Thickness (Body/Chimes): 1.8mm/2.1mm 




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