Nukatap Self Closing Tap spring Nukatap Self Closing Tap spring

Nukatap Self Closing Tap spring

62 mm x F1.5 mm


För Intertap och Nukatap tappkranar.

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För Intertap och Nukatap tappkranar.

Both the Intertap™ SS and Intertap™ PC can be used with a Auto-Close Spring. By inserting the spring between the shank and tap body this will cause the tap to automatically close when you let go of the handle of the tap handle (as shown in photo 2).

This is perfect for customers who may not be diligent enough to remember to completely turn off the tap after each pour. Or for those with little kids or pesky cats that knock everything around!

(Please Note: The spring is not compatible with the Intertap FC or FCGP Models)
*Intertap, Shank, Tap Handle sold separetely

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